The Best Eggless Bakewell shortbread Recipe That Will Fill Your Kitchen With Joy

By Apurvi Bansal

Inspired from Bakewell Tart this Bakewell Shortbread is perfect alongside tea or Coffee, the buttery melt-in-the mouth shortbread with a layer of our in-house Cherry compote, a generous layer of Eggless Almond Cream (frangipane) with flaked almonds on top.

It a sweet buttery treat that is going to delight everyone.

Instead of making it like a Regular Bakewell Tart I have switched the shortcrust pastry with crumbly shortbread that can be made easily 

Discover the Joy of Baking Without Eggs

Eggs play a crucial role in baking, providing structure, moisture, and richness to the final product. However, with the right substitutions and techniques, it is possible to achieve the same delicious results without using eggs.

One of the most popular egg substitutes in baking is applesauce. Not only does it add moisture to the recipe, but it also helps to bind the ingredients together. Other fruit purees, such as mashed bananas or pumpkin puree, can also be used as egg replacements, adding flavor and moisture to your baked goods.

One of the most popular egg substitutes in baking is applesauce. Not only does it add moisture to the recipe, but it also helps to bind the ingredients together. Other fruit purees, such as mashed bananas or pumpkin puree, can also be used as egg replacements, adding flavor and moisture to your baked goods.

Another common egg substitute is flaxseed meal or chia seeds mixed with water. This mixture forms a gel-like consistency that acts as a binding agent in your recipes. Simply combine one tablespoon of flaxseed meal or chia seeds with three tablespoons of water and let it sit for a few minutes until it thickens.

Dairy products like yogurt or buttermilk can also be used as egg replacements, adding moisture and richness to your baked goods. Simply use a quarter cup of yogurt or buttermilk for every egg called for in the recipe.

For those who prefer a more commercially available option, there are also egg replacement products on the market that are specifically designed for baking. These products are typically made from a combination of starches, leavening agents, and binding agents, providing a convenient and reliable option for egg-free baking.

When using egg substitutes, it's important to note that the texture and flavour of the final product may vary slightly from the original recipe. However, with a bit of experimentation and practice, you can achieve delicious results that are just as satisfying.

So don't let egg allergies or dietary restrictions dampen your baking enthusiasm. Embrace the joy of baking without eggs and discover a whole new world of delicious possibilities in your kitchen. With the right substitutions and techniques, you can create delectable treats that everyone can enjoy. So grab your mixing bowl, preheat the oven, and let the eggless baking adventure begin!

A Perfect Combination: Shortbread and Almond Filling

Shortbread and almond filling is a classic combination that creates a delicious and indulgent treat. The buttery and crumbly texture of shortbread perfectly complements the sweet and nutty flavour of almond filling. Whether you're making a traditional Bakewell tart or a more portable version like Bakewell shortbread bars, this combination is sure to fill your kitchen with joy.

To create the signature Bakewell tart pattern, scatter flaked almonds on top of the almond filling. These almonds will toast and add a lovely crunch to each bite. Return the dish to the oven and bake until the filling is set and the almonds are golden brown.

Once the Bakewell shortbread is completely cool, you can cut it into bars or slices for serving. Dust the top with powdered sugar for an extra touch of sweetness and presentation. These bars are perfect for afternoon tea, dessert, or as a sweet treat to enjoy anytime.

The combination of buttery shortbread and almond filling is truly irresistible. Each bite is filled with the flavors of rich butter, nutty almonds, and just the right amount of sweetness. The texture is a delightful contrast between the crumbly shortbread and the smooth almond filling.

Whether you're a fan of classic British baking or simply looking for a delicious dessert, this eggless Bakewell shortbread recipe is a must-try. With its perfect combination of flavours and textures, it's sure to bring joy to your kitchen and satisfy your sweet tooth. So gather your ingredients and get ready to indulge in this delightful treat.

When you cut into the Bakewell shortbread, the vibrant red colour of the Cherry jam will create a stunning visual contrast against the buttery shortbread and almond filling. Each bite will be bursting with the delightful combination of sweet and tart flavours.

Detailed Recipe Video-



58gm Butter, unsalted

22gm Caster Sugar

1/2tsp Vanilla Extract

86gm All purpose Flour

Pinch of Salt

Bake in a pre-heated Oven at 160C for 5 minutes.

Almond Cream (Frangipane)

50gm Butter, unsalted

50gm Caster Sugar

1/4tsp Vanilla Extract

2-3 drops Almond Extract

50gm Yogurt

50gm Almond Flour

20gm All purpose Flour

Pinch of Salt


40gm Cherries, de-seeded 12gm Sugar 1tsp Lemon juice 1tbsp water if, required


  • For making shortbread In a bowl add 58gm butter, 22gm Caster sugar, 1/2tsp vanilla extract, mix all together using a spatula, we do not want to creme butter and sugar instead just mix them till sugar is completely dissolved in.
  • Once that is done add 86gm of All purpose flour, Next goes in pinch of salt skip, if using salted butter, Mix everything together till a dough is form
  • Do not overwork the dough to- make the most tender, melt-in-your-mouth buttery shortbread.
  • Transfer the mixture to the pre-lined baking pan here, I am using a 5 inch pan, Press it lightly with the help of the spatula to form the base for our Bakewell shortbread and do not forget to cover all the sides of your baking pan.
  • Bake it in a pre-heated oven at 160C for 5 minutes.
  • In a clean bowl add 50gm of butter and sugar each, 1/4tsp vanilla extract and 2-3drops of Almond extract, Mix everything together with a help of hand Wisk
  • Next add in 50gm of yogurt and mix the mixture properly till all the sugar has dissolved completely, the mixture may look curdle but that okay
  • Next add 50gm of Almond flour and 20gm of All purpose flour , Finish it off with a pinch of salt. Mix everything together with the help of the spatula till no flour is visible and a batter is formed As always do not over mix the batter stop once you see that there is no flour visible,
  • Moving on, take out shortbread after 5 minutes of baking it in the oven and let it cool then spoon cherry compote all over it, you can find the in-house video recipe on-
  • Smooth it out with the back of a spoon taking care to not spread it all the way to the sides, leaving the edges uncovered.
  • Next add the prepared Almond cream, add it a spoonful at a time starting from the edges and sides taking care to cover it first so that our cherry compote does not leak off from sides,
  • You can do this step by using a pipping bag, add all the almond cream batter in it then pipe the batter this will ensure that everything is covered with almond cream also it gets easier layering up,
  • Now using a small spatula spread Almond cream such that it covers our shortbread and cherry compote completely all the while helping us in getting a even and smooth layer of almond cream on top.
  • Lastly before baking sprinkle chopped almonds all over to garnish and for some bite then bake it in a pre-heated oven by raising your oven temperature to 170C for 10-12 minutes till it is nice golden brown in colour and the sponge springs back when pressed lightly or the skewer comes out clean.

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