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Homemade Plum No Churn Eggless Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe for Summer

By Apurvi Bansal When it comes to summertime treats, nothing quite beats the indulgence of an ice cream sandwich. But this isn't just any ordinary ice cream sandwich; it's a Plum Compote Ice Cream Sandwich, a dessert that stands out for its unique flavour profile and texture. Why you'll love this Ice Cream Sandwich? The foundation of this delightful treat is a pair of soft, rich chocolate cookies. These cookies are a perfect balance of sweetness and cocoa bitterness, offering a tender bite that contrasts wonderfully with the creamy filling. Unlike typical crunchy cookies, these are designed to remain soft and chewy, even after freezing, making each bite an easy, satisfying experience. Nestled between these cookies is the star of the show: plum compote ice cream. The ice cream itself is rich and creamy, but what makes it truly special is the plum compote. The compote is made from fresh plums, cooked down to a luscious, thick sauce that retains a hint of tartness. This tartne

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