Pillowy-soft Eggless Donuts filled with Chocolate Creme Patisserie

By Apurvi Bansal

Donuts are the deep fried desserts that are coated in sugar or dipped in sauces, or chocolate after frying.
They come in various shapes, including ring-shaped or filled varieties. They are popular as a breakfast treat, dessert, or snack.

Here, I am sharing with you Eggless Donuts Recipe yes, you read it right No Eggs so whether you are allergic to them, do not eat them or simply want to try some thing new this Recipe is for you.

This recipe is easy to follow and I am sharing a video also, so that following it step to step becomes easier, I am using an electric kneader to knead the dough, you can always knead it by hand I had already shared the Recipe on my YouTube Channel showing how to knead the donut dough by hands.

By following this Recipe you will get Pillowy-soft Donuts that are just melt in your mouth and you will not even realise that these are made with out Eggs!



182ml Warm Milk
56gm Caster Sugar
1tsp Instant yeast
282gm All purpose Flour
1/2tsp Salt 
84gm Butter, unsalted

Chocolate Creme Patisserie

500gm Milk
80gm Caster Sugar
30gm Cornflour
40gm Butter
1tsp Vanilla extract
100gm Dark Chocolate, chopped

Oil- for Frying
Caster Sugar- for Coating


  • First to activate yeast add Warm Milk in a bowl, fine Sugar and mix, this sugar is food for our yeast to bloom then, add Yeast and mix.
  • Cover this and set aside for 10 minutes to activate yeast.

  • After 10 minutes once yeast has bloom to this add All purpose Flour, 1/2tsp Salt then fold in Flour with a spatula before kneading it with the machine, you can also knead with your hand it will take about 10 minutes.
  • Now add 84gm Butter in the Dough but not all at once but slowly incorporate it in the dough and knead it for 5 more minutes.
  • Now transfer it to a bowl but before that add a little oil and grease it well, cover it with a cling film and let it proof for 1 hour or till it doubles in size.
  • After 1 hour dough will double in size transfer to working station and de gas it by poking with finger then shape it into a log this will make it easier to cut equal size Donut.

  • Once done cut the dough into equal size this Recipe gave me 8 Donuts.
  • Shape the dough into Donuts by tucking in the edges and sealing them by pinching the edges then roll the dough ball to get a smooth surface on top and place it over a baking paper for second proof, (Baking paper this will make it easier for you to fry them with out worrying about ruining their shape).

  • Proof them for second time for about 30-45 minutes, cover it with a kitchen towel or cling film before keeping them for proofing.

  • In the mean while make Chocolate filling take Milk in a pan and add caster sugar, Cornflour and mix with the spatula or hand whisk to avoid forming any lumps.
  • Cook on the low flame while continuously stirring it to avoid forming lumps, it will take about 8 minutes for it to get ready, It should thicken up a little also it should coat the spatula once it is ready.
  • Add Butter and Vanilla extract and mix it in,
  • Then add chopped Dark Chocolate and mix it in, the chocolate will melt from the creme Heat.
  • Strain it into a clean bowl and refrigerate it till use.
  • Our Creme Patisserie is Ready!

  • Our Donuts have proofed so well, Now let’s fry them.
  • For that heat some Oil in a pan on low flame for checking the temperature you can drop small ball of the dough if its rises and small bubbles start forming around it your Oil is ready, place your donuts in the oil along with parchment paper this ensure their shape does not get deformed,
  • After few minutes remove the parchment paper and flip the Donut to fry it from top surface, fry it till the Donuts have nice golden colour it will hardly take 2-3 minutes to fry them, fry all the Donuts this way.
  • Remove from oil once fried and transfer them to a paper napkin to absorb any excess oil.

  • Now roll them in caster sugar properly from all sides.
  • Now for the filling first, using a knife poke hole along the side then fill it with Creme Patisserie (fill it in a piping bag this makes it easier to fill it in Donut).

  • Our Chocolate creme filled Donuts are ready!!