Best Eggless Almond Cake with Toffee chunks Surprise in White Chocolate Cremeux Frosting

By Apurvi Bansal

This Eggless Almond Cake is soft, moist and light that you will not believe it is made without any eggs with home made Toffee chunks in between and frosted with the luscious white chocolate Cremeux and encased in white chocolate toffee slab is a treat for all the white chocolate lovers or those who want to try something other than milk or dark chocolate.

Almond Flour

This Almond cake is a tender moist cake that is full of almond flavour made using the almond flour or Almond meal if, you do not have Almond Flour you can always make it at home.

Here, I have made the Almond sponge in a square pan while, you can always bake it in a round tin then cut the sponge into layer and frost them, 

You can also store the baked Almond sponge if you are not frosting immediately simply, cover the sponge in cling wrap such that it is sealed properly do so by wrapping it two to three time in it then refrigerate it over night or in the freezer (thaw it before frosting by keeping in the refrigerator overnight.

How to make Almond Flour?

Weigh the quantity of almond you want to use in the recipe and using a mixer grinder pulse the Almond till they are powdered and your almond flour is ready to use.

While making Almond flour keep in mind, to not over grind the Almonds in the jar as they will release the oil over time and what you will be left is the Almond paste not Almond Flour.

White Chocolate Cremeux

To frost the cake I have made white chocolate cremeux using Agar Agar the vegetarian substitute of the Gelatine, also to show you I have mixed half quantity of it in milk and in heavy cream you can mix the full quantity in milk mix it in then add it in heavy cream.

Toffee Chunks

Make these toffee chunks at home or you can also buy them from store though making it is quite easy and the effort you put in will be worth it, 

Here, I have used regular salted butter you can also use unsalted butter but do not forgot to add salt in it.

Try my Blueberry Toffee Crumble Muffin with these toffee Chunks:

Detailed Video of the Recipe-


Almond Cake

37gm Almond flour

115gm All purpose flour

10gm Cornflour

3/4tsp Baking Powder

1/4tsp Baking Soda

70gm Milk

5gm Vinegar

66gm Oil

75gm Caster Sugar

60gm Yogurt

Pinch of Salt

Bake in a pre-heated oven at 180C for 20-25 minutes.

Toffee Chunks

112gm Butter, unsalted/salted (pinch of salt if, using unsalted butter)

200gm Brown Sugar

White Chocolate Crèmeux

50gm Milk

2gm Agar Agar

100gm Heavy Cream

92gm White Chocolate, melted

White Chocolate Slab

Toffee chunks

200gm White chocolate, melted


Almond Flakes


  • For Almond cake In a bowl add 37gm Almond flour, 115gm All purpose flour, 10gm cornflour, 3/4tsp Baking powder, and 1/4tsp Baking Soda and keep aside
  • In a glass add 70ml milk and 5 ml vinegar, mix and keep aside this is our homemade buttermilk
  • In another bowl add 66gm Oil, 75gm Caster Sugar, 60gm yogurt mix it until the sugar has dissolved completely,
  • Now using a sieve add dry ingredients in two parts alternating with the homemade buttermilk, 
  • Mix to prepare the batter for cake until no flour is visible, repeat the process of adding dry ingredients and buttermilk and fold it in to make Almond cake batter.
  • Now pour the batter into a pre-lined 7 inch square pan, you can also bake the cake in a cake tin then cut into sheets before frosting,
  • Bake this in a pre-heated oven at 180C for 20-25 minutes.
  • Once the cake has baked let it cool down completely on a wire rack.

While the cake is cooling let us make our in-house Toffee 

  • For that in a deep pan melt 112gm butter here, I am using salted butter if you are using unsalted remember to add a pinch of salt latter,
  • Once our butter has melted add 200gm of brown sugar here, I am using dark brown sugar which is going to give my toffee more darker colour then if you use light brown sugar,
  • Using a hand wisk stir it continuously and help the sugar melt evenly, it might seem like the butter is separating and is floating on top of the mixture but if you continue to mix the mixture it will eventually all mix.
  • Once, the mixture starts leaving the sides of the pan your toffee is ready it will take about 10 minutes but the effort will be worth it, the consistency will be similar to peanut butter 
  • Transfer to a pre-lined pan or tray here I am using a 5 inch pan since, I want proper thick toffee chunks however, you can spread it thin on a tray.
  • It will spread of it own or like me use a spatula to cover all sides and to get even layer,
  • Your toffee will set quickly once it does de-mould and chop it
  • Chop it quickly into bite size squares before it harden further and would require more strength to chop.

You can store the toffee chunks in an air tight container for upto 2-3 months in the refrigerator and use in another recipe like my Blueberry Toffee Crumble Muffins.

Moving on to preparing frosting let us make Vanilla Cremeux 

  • For that mix Agar Agar the gelatine substitute in milk here to ahow you I am mixing half of the total quantity that is 1gm each in milk and cream you can add it in either and mix,
  • In a sauce pan add 100gm of Heavy cream and add milk Agar Agar mixture bring everything to near boil,
  • Once it is mix it in the melted white chocolate here, I have used 92gm of white chocolate, Add it in 3 to 4 parts in small quantity and mix it. You can also use a hand blender for better emulsion.
  • Once done cover it with a cling wrap such that it touches the surface of our cremeaux and no skin gets formed, keep it in the refrigerator till it sets,

In the meanwhile, let us cut our now cooled Almond sponge sheet into 4 equal squares, once done keep them aside.

  • Now on a cake board, put little frosting so that our base layer of cake gets stick to it and make it easier for us to frost our cake, then put one sponge layer over it and ensure it is in the middle doing so will make it easier for us to lift the cake without smudging it once it is frosted,
  • Pipe our cremeaux starting from edges and working my way in then using a palette knife smooth the frosting, after this pipe the cremeaux only on the edges to create some sort of support or wall so that once we fill it with toffee chunks they do not fall out once our cake is frosted and remains in place,
  • Next fill the centre with the prepared toffee chunks, cover it with another sponge layer, Now repeat the process of frosting and smoothing here we are not filling the second layer with toffee chunks but only the first and third layer that is alternate layer.
  • Once done then put my final layer of sponge and crumb coat it on all sides.
  • Then put both the crumb coated cake and frosting in the refrigerator for 20-30 minutes to stabilise it then do the final coating and keep it again in the refrigerator.

Moving on to the final element preparation before our cake is ready for the final touch, let's make white chocolate toffee slab to cover our cake with it here,

  • I have made a make shift mould with Lego blocks I have stacked them in two or three column depending on the maximum stability that I can get then have wrapped it tightly with a cling wrap, I have wrapped it in two layer to prevent any leaking of chocolate, then I have placed it over a OHP sheet or acrylic sheet to get a smooth surface at base,
  • Place toffee chunks in the mould randomly and now I am going to pour melted white chocolate all over then using a spoon or a small spatula like me spread the chocolate all around especially all the nook and crooks,
  • Don’t worry about the uneven surface since we want it to give a natural wavy pattern, but if you want smooth surface on top you can tilt the mould to let chocolate flow naturally just one thing to keep in mind make or use smaller mould since it will be easier handling it. 
  • Once done let your chocolate set, De-mould it carefully,
  • Cut it into four squares according to your cake size,
  • Before placing them on cake make some indentation by using a knife and run it diagonally on all four sides this will help sticking the toffee chocolate slab or tile easily,
  • Then on the side of the sheet that is going to face cake pipe the frosting diagonally in the same way we did while removing it from cake then gently, place my toffee chocolate sheet and press slightly like a gentle nudge don’t use force instead do it carefully and gently,
  • In the end sprinkle some Almond flakes on top to garnish and its done.

Try the Recipe and tell me in the comment how did it turn out also share the picture of your cake by tagging us #spoiledbycocoa on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Thread. You can also Pin us on Pinterest.


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