Make these Fudgy Protein Brownies with your protein powder- no Eggs!

By Apurvi Bansal

Brownies are by far the best treat for when you crave something sweet and chocolate-y they I think bring out the best of chocolate flavour the fudgy texture makes them moist, dense and gooey though not as dense and compact like fudge, 

I like my brownies fudgy which means I bake them just to the point where when I insert a skewer/ toothpick it does not come out completely clean rather have few moist crumb on it and to be able to use your protein powder for baking them is just out of this world and I can assure you it is quite possible to do just that.

Just look at these Brownies for instance,

Can you believe that you can make these delicious fudgy Brownies with your protein powder yes, these are made with the protein powder that you make your protein shake with these are simple to make and taste great that you will not even realise that they are not made with All purpose flour instead, with protein.

Points to Remember:

Since, I have used salted butter I have skipped adding the salt but if you use unsalted butter then please do add it.

Espresso gives the best coffee flavour to these eggless brownies also as you know coffee brings out the best of chocolate flavour but if you do not wish to add espresso shot you can simply, add instant coffee in hot water dissolve it and here your coffee decoction is ready to use just let it cool down completely before use.

Flax egg I have used it as a egg replacer, to make a flax egg- in a bowl take 1tbsp flax seed powder add 3tbsp of water mix them and set it aside for ten to fifteen minutes till it thickens and become gelatinous, you can replace the flax egg with curd.

I baked these fudgy Espresso brownie in an Air-fryer though you can bake these in oven too just keep the fan on while baking them.


Ingredients: ( 5 inch pan)

100gm Dark chocolate, chopped

58gm Butter (add pinch of salt if using unsalted butter)

12gm Cocoa powder

38gm Caster sugar

38gm Brown sugar

1/4tsp vanilla extract

1 Flax egg (1tbsp flax seed powder + 3tbsp water) or 60gm curd

75ml Espresso Or 70ml hot water + 3gm Instant coffee powder

36gm Almond flour (powdered Almonds)

20gm Protein Powder

Handful of chocolate chunks and chopped walnuts

Garnish- Dark/Milk chocolate chips.

Bake in a pre-heated air-fryer at 170C for 13- 17 minutes.

Bake for lesser time till few crumb coat the skewer to get fudgey brownies whereas bake them a little longer till the skewer inserted comes out clean to get cake-y Brownies.

Refrigerate for an hour or two before slicing the Brownies.

Do Try these Brownies and tell me in the comment how did they turn out also a Important reminder always weigh your ingredients while baking instead of going for cups measurement to get the same results as shown.

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